10 Things (I Bet) You Will Like About Macau

I was looking at my pictures folder and found my first trip to abroad with two friends of mine. Something trivial, me and these two have our passport number in chronological order, since we applied it together. So whenever I need my passport number but I forget it, I’ll contact them to ask theirs. Haha.

Me, Febry, and Yunus had our first international experience with cheap tickets from Mandala Airlines’s promotion. Return tickets to Macau were less than 300k Rupiahs in 2010. I bet you will never find such thing nowadays. The trip was great  and these are things that you also might like about Macau.

1. Having pleasant time as a pedestrian. I spent most of my time in Jakarta and the suburbs, to have pedestrian ways that are not disturbed by anything else such street vendors or motorcycle riders is a privilege. But in Macau, even in the small street around public housing, people who are driving their car or motorcycle giving a full respect to the pedestrian. Even so, the government put the attention to make the pedestrian way comfortable to walk to.

2. East meets West. Imagine surrounded by some kind of Portuguese architecture but when you’re looking to other direction you’ll still can see some local people talking Chinese. Portuguese influence and strong Chinese accent standing side by side giving a nice nuance.

3. Eggtart(s)! I love this must-eat-food-in-Macau. I bought it on street vendors near ruins of St. Paul’s and again near Senado Square. Hahaha. Actually, there’s a famous bakery that sells eggtart in Coloane village, Lord Stow’s Bakery. But unfortunately we did not try it when we reached Coloane. I tried to bake some eggtart when I reached home referring recipe found on the internet. Taste good! Even though the appearence did not say so. Hahaha.

4.  Neat mass transportation. I might say that transportation in Macau pretty neat and organized for such small country. In airport we had this large map of Macau included the bus route and number. It helps much! But still, we love to walk that much. Hihi.

5. Indomie(s)! Breakfast at nearest convenience store, 7-Eleven, found that the fried noodle that we ordered are coming from very familiar packaging! Hoyaaa! *The shopman didn’t allow us to take his picture, whatever. Haha.

6. Venice ambience without any visa to Italy. Try to enter The Venetian and try the gondola ride. The Venetian actually is a complete resort with its own hotel, casino and shopping center. The Gondola itself located on the shopping center, designed with a little Venice atmosphere. Nice. 🙂

7. (Lots of) Parks. I wish we have this amount of parks in the heart of Jakarta and the suburbs. Elder people could hang out, kids are playing. Youths? Well, youths could hang out and play too. Hahaha.

8. Bungee jumping. For those who love rush adrenalin, Macau has Macau Tower that offers a superb bungee jumping experience. Too bad it did not match with our budget. Google said it is the second highest commercial skyjump in the world, after Vegas’ Stratosphere skyjump at 260 meters. Seems worth to try. 🙂

9. Neither hell nor heaven. The slogan suits Macau adequately. The distinction between relics of the colonial Portuguese churches, Chinese temples, and the casinos’ crowded every night creates an unique touristic attraction to the city.

10. No need visa! For those who hold an Indonesian passport, just book a ticket and travel with a good companion! Cheers! 😀

*Thanks to Yunus and Febry. 🙂



  1. 7B foto siapa? ganteng amat

    1. Foto enteeeee

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