Banyak Cerita di Jogja

The title may referred to “Many stories happened in Jogja” but doesn’t sound rhyming in English, so I stick in Bahasa. Hehe.

So, what the stories?

I’ll tell you. In December 2010, I went to Jogja for a short holiday along with my three college friends. Well, actually there was only two of my friends. Then one of my friends asked his other friend to join us and along the way we made friends. So there was the four of us; me, Rian, Dhika and Dhika’s-friend-then-become-one-of-my-friends-too-why-I-have-to-explain-please-stop-me-now Dhanny. We were heading Jogja for this five days (note: 2 days on road are included) holiday slash escapism by economy train at 9 pm.

(Note: I don’t say numbers here because it might happen an inflation. But you could contact me for the details.)

We arrived the next day safe and sound only got a little backache caused by cheap transportation’s chair. Anyway, in this first day we planned to go to Gua Cerme (Cerme Cave) and Depok beach (we thought that Parangtritis was too overrated. Hahaha). After found a cheap yet clean enough hostel and picked up the motorcyles at the rental, we headed to southern Yogyakarta to start today’s itinerary.


We arrived at Dusun Srunggo, about 20 kilometers from Yogyakarta, after hours of motorcyle riding (No, I’m not driving actually. I was sit calmly on passenger seat and enjoyed the picturesque sight while Rian were driving. Hihi)

image“Mystical ambience welcomes you at Gua Cerme. Even so, Dhika and Dhanny can not wait for caving experience.”

Actually Gua Cerme itself is not a famous tourism spot. Which means, we still could found this quiet yet relaxing little village. Moreover, there were a local who sold a cheap foods and beverages and tasted good! Double yeay! 😀

image“One thing that I love being in not-a-famous-tourism-spot, a natural tradition in which not commercialized. So relaxing and mind peace.”


imageimage“Great food, great companions. How can I not be grateful?”

Off to caving thing. This was the first time I do caving with the water or so called a river inside the cave. Wasn’t that bad if I brought clothes to change. See, I was all wet! Nothing is so special except the watery part. The guide, sorry forgot his name, said that the cave was often visited by some sort of people who have or seek mystical power to meditate. Creepy huh.


“Say hello to the guide. 🙂 Yes, that’s me on the right side. The water is just above my thigh! I am so drowned! *photo credit to Rian”

Racing to catch the sunset, we were moved on the next place, Depok Beach. Located near to Parangtritis Beach and Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo (Parangkusumo Sand Dune), Depok beach is the other reference to enjoy the sunset. But unfortunately, that afternoon were cloudy so we were just playing around until it was dark. Couldn’t wait for tomorrow! Hoyaaaa!

image“The cloud was dark and heavy. We could barely see the sun about to set. But Dhika was still trying to catch the sunset with his camera.”


– Where you were going for the second day?
+ Do you know Sendangsono?
– Hmm, no.

Okay, this was the second day of our escapism. One of my friend, Dhika, offered us to go to Sendangsono. If you ever watched Indonesian film, 3 Hari Untuk Selamanya (3 Days to Forever), you’ll find Sendangsono is a place where Ambar greeted the Holy Mary and prayed. Then, what’s so special about this place? After another hours driving with a rental motorcycle and passing through damage roads at the foot of Menoreh hill, we will find out what.

image“Gereja Promasan or Gereja St. Maria Lourdes – Promasan listed as one of the cultural heritage in the Department of Culture Yogyakarta. This is one of the oldest Catholic churches in Java, built some time later after Catholic missionaries began to take part in Muntilan, Central Java.” –

We were arrived at Desa Banjaroyo where Sendangsono is located at noon. Initially, Sendangsono was not addressed to mention a place name. In Javanese term, Sendang means water spring and Sono is a name of a tree. Therefore, Sendangsono is a term for the springs under the Sono tree. But later on, people are become familiar with the name Sendangsono.

Sendangsono itself is a place where catholic’s pilgrim goes. Although neither me or my friends is a catholic, we still excited visiting Sendangsono. More to feel the tranquility and solemnity of the place. Tourist mode: on. Hahahaha.


No wonder that the place designed by Father Y.B Mangunwijaya Pr won AGA Khan Awards, such an enchanting place to stay and pacify. Surrounded by buildings dominated by stone as the material and shaded big trees, you can also enjoy the sound of the flowing river underneath the bridge. Very calming.



Photo credit goes to Dhika.

image“Artsy yet religious. Thanks to Father Y.B Mangunwijaya Pr  to design such a beautiful place. Not only for pilgrim but also for tourist, like us. Hehe.”

imageimage“The Pilgrims and The Tourists.”

– Again, what’s so special about this place?
+ Oh, come on. You’ve seen it right?


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